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Valve World: Response Team reacts to Super-Storm Aftermath

Kevin Rosenthal accepting the 2012 AD PVF Conversion Award for dual conversion

We all knew it was coming, but we could not have even imagined that Hurricane Sandy would truly turn into the storm of the century for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. With storm surges reaching up to 12 feet higher than normal, the New York and New Jersey shorelines were devastated by the latest "100 Year" storm to hit in just the last two years! Beaches were washed away. Houses were demolished. Pole Mounted Transformers were popping all over the place like popcorn. Vital transportation systems were flooded and shut down. Bridges and tunnels were closed and/or flooded like never before. At the height of the super-storm, that started on October 29, 2012, over 8 million customers in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware and Pennsylvania were without power. In addition, a number of states, once again began the practice of gas rationing. The storm raged from late Sunday night through Tuesday, but its impact is still being felt today.

By Kevin Rosenthal
Executive Director of Business Development, A&M Industrial

A&M Industrial was called into action on the Friday night prior to Hurricane Sandy touching ground in the Northeast. Via our renowned "Emergency Response Team" we were brought in to support a number of our major regional energy clients both before, during and after super-storm Sandy hit the area. Most notably, we simultaneously supported national/regional Energy companies like Con Edison of New York, PSE&G of New Jersey, New Jersey Natural Gas, National Grid, ConocoPhillips, Hess, KinderMorgan and IMTT during the height of the crisis.

For two of our energy clients, we have presently removed nearly 100 actuated, 1/4 turn, triple offset, high performance butterfly packages and also a large quantity of actuated, multi-turn gate valve packages.

At this time, we are now in the process of performing, factory certified, diagnostic testing to determine overall unit functionality.

Many of these custom actuated valve packages, invariably, will need to be replaced. Many of them are 16" and 20" in size. These units were all installed, but completely submerged on site, during the initial Hurricane Sandy storm surge, which seriously flooded both the New York and New Jersey shorelines.

For our other utility and refinery clients we furnished numerous replacement steam traps, trap manifold service valves, natural gas lubricated plug valves, Actuated Top Entry Class 6 Ball Valves, API-6D Trunnion Mounted Gas Transmission Ball Valves, Custom Bellows Seal Valves and custom, specialty NRS 300# gate and globe steam service manhole valves for their various steam, gas and electric transmission and distribution systems, along with truckloads of pipe fittings to cap the many gas lines that are still in need of attention.

Our heartfelt thanks also go out to the many crews of mechanics and linemen from sister utilities across the United States who mobilized into the region to support the local T&D outfits with the major power restoration and recovery effort in the days immediately following Hurricane Sandy.

Unfortunately, the recovery and rebuilding effort is a slow and steady process, but thankfully the spirit of Americans is one that is not easily broken.

We will recover, repair, re-build and re-establish America much like we did during the 9/11 recovery effort. We will, again, recover and we will do it together as one united nation.