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Our Services

Managed Inventory Services
Managed Inventory Services
Eliminate Downtime. Get Control.

Stop Losing Time and Money

Increasing project profits by controlling costs and reducing waste is required and expected in business today. At A&M, we attack the total cost of product ownership by offering customized Managed Inventory Services (MIS). Don't let your workflow be interrupted due to a shortage of parts and tools. Stocked, accessible inventory means control.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

This service operates as a "Just In Time" product replenishment program to eliminate work stoppage and ensure that you have the products you need, when you need them. Our inventory specialists are on-site at your facility on a scheduled basis to meet all of your stocking and sourcing requirements. We also offer automated storeroom, attendant and allocation solutions for large plants and remote work locations.

  • Automatic Stock Replenishment Programs
  • On-Site Stockroom Management Programs
  • Off-Site Vendor Stocking Programs
  • JIT/Cross-Docking - "Just In Time" Programs
  • Specialty Project Solutions

Industrial Vending Solutions/IVS

These custom configured vending machines are strategically located and accessible to end-users to maximize workflow productivity. IVS utilizes state-of-the art technology that controls indirect material cost and dispenses high usage MRO consumables. These include items such as personal protective equipment, tooling, OEM parts, as well as high cost, lock-down items. This system has complete inventory, end user and report tracking capabilities.

Why A&M?

  • Our trademark 24/7 Emergency Service
  • State-of-the-art technology like AutoCrib and Iscar
  • Eliminate the need for additional personnel during off hours, weekends and holidays
  • Consistent program pricing
  • Technical support and application expertise
  • Managed Inventory Services (MIS) improve productivity and efficiency by reducing downtime.
  • The A&M experienced team will coordinate all logistical requirements for one or multiple sites and conduct storeroom surveys to standardize products and eliminate obsolescence

The MATRIX system by Iscar is your total management system to control inventory, streamline purchasing and drive down costs. MATRIX combines the most innovative automated tool dispenser. Access to an item stored in MATRIX's locked bins is electronically controlled by the management software according to pre-defined authorizations.

  • Suitable for small organizations as well as large enterprises.
  • Manages multiple sites.
  • Cost Accounting: Internal tracking of tooling to specific jobs for profit analysis.
  • Items, cabinets and sites all in one database.
  • Reporting of tools drives down production costs.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Regulates user access to items per authorization groups and budgets.
  • Solid steel construction. No plastic parts to wear out or break.
  • Each drawer can hold 110 pounds of tooling.
  • Accessed by keypad, ID card or badge. It uses your cards so there is no need to re-card your employees.
  • Virtual Intelligence - any change in drawer configuration is automatically recognized and re-programmed.
  • Comprehensive remote & self-diagnosis for less down-time.
  • Collects data for SPC, ISO or QS certification.
  • Fully ROHS compliant which means environmentally friendly.

AutoCrib provides a broad line of products that include the Remote Dispensing Station (RDS), the original "point of use" dispensing machine. The machine provides 24 hour a day access to high value, fast moving and critical inventory items. It is ideal for cutting tools, welding supplies and other MRO supplies. It is a good fit where the number of stocking items is low but usage is high. The AutoCrib system cost savings are typically in the following areas:

  • Item usage reduction of 20-40% through accountability
  • Eliminate lost items and shrinkage
  • 24/7 access
  • Automatic reordering
  • Job costing for more accurate estimating
  • Identify weak processes or problem areas
  • Automated communication with ERP systems